Beat Challenge IV

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I’m spitting it wicked y’all better get with it
I’m lyrically gifted I’m killing the booth
I’m rippin this shit with the flick of the wrist
I ain’t tryna bitch I’m just speaking the truth
The sickness depicted a vivid description
Of spinning more records than Guiness emitting a
light that is brighter than anything
witnessed I’m winning this shit in a minute or two
I’m livid, you thinking you better than me, well, think again bitch
I’m at the top of my fucking game and I’m better than I’ve ever been bitch
When I’m writing these raps, it’s like I got magical ink in my pen bitch
Once I get big, don’t try and act like you knew me I promise I wasn’t your friend bitch
This is the end for all you rappers who thought that you had a future
The shit that you make is stupid, exposing you all as losers
I’m getting big like a tumor, eclipsing you all like lunar
I’m razor sharp like the scooter, No wonder Imma make it sooner
My flow is so nuts it’s like I’m spittin all this from my ballsack
Ask me who I fuck with and I say none of you bitches you all wack
I’m out of your league, you ain’t in my lane
When all of you sounding exactly the same
You gotta be different and make your own name
But it’s all up to you to be making that change
I’m so dope I spit prisons instead of bars yeah
I’m driven like Cadillac you faggots acting carsick
The way I flow shocks you like friction on a carpet
It’s my time to shine like I’m afraid of the darkness
Y'all ain’t on the level I’m at, I’ll level you flat
You heard of next level well I’m on the next level from that
You’re tryna overhype yourself like a wrestling match
Hit them with some solid bars, watch their temple get cracked
Hocus Pocus
You are not the dopest
You get fucked in your ass so much
You shit you dont even notice
Y’all are just mad cause I’m better than you
You guys are annoying as shit like stepping in poop
A battle with me is like, a military drone strike
Aircraft flown right into your fucking home life
It all happens in flashes, as fast as a strobe light
And if that don’t kill you, sheer terror alone might

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