Rainy Dayz

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Rainy days x2
Rainy days ahead for every head below
Yall claim yall on drugs but ya anti dope
No antidote for these melancholy bros
Let em drown in the current in which my lyrics flow
Verse 1
I haven't won a cypher, still gettin bigger lettin loose// bars growin
tall like Mario on the mushroom//They say they're marvels I leave
em all in deadpools//
I'm callin shots, callin shots
You, sit and watch, sit and watch
Like, ghettobirds in a flock
Yall aint nothin but prey, I'm soarin like a hawk//
I've rapped about the truth few too many times// they inclined to
highlights of a life of lies// fine dimes in front, but they checkin out
they hind-sight//my mind right, I choose a different height//
The lesser light don't shine on the path I travel// I be strikin like a
match catch fire on the gavels// this a mock trial, my style is in fashion//
& ya girl want me to poke 'er butt, I aint tryna cash in//
Verse 2
I'm scarin all these MC's Tyrannosaurus Rex// I aint even tryna
Tyrannosaurus Flex// My bars sick like Ebola that caught salmonella//
I got em all rollin & rollin like an armadilla//
Margiela on the beat, this is at your expense if// you still payin ghosts
to write yo lyrics// washin em out like dishes on my soap// soap on my dishes// & I tell em like this//
You never thought I, could rip this beat// Now ya, got reasons to envy me// this how MVP sounds on MP3// yall, Meek Mill I'm Dr. Ake//
Left em all hurt now they A-C-H-E//I speed up like NAS I'm the new Jay Z//Cuz my name start with J and it end with Z// Now set the crown upon the crown of the K-I-N-G//

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