Happy Thoughts

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it does get better
received a letter
last winter telling me
to step up my game
lights camera action
of my brain recollecting
this is a train wrecking
in the came intercepting
thoughts and ideas
tackling my fears
till Jesus takes the wheel
and steers
me in another direction
lack of affection
i reckon
wait a second
let my brain recollect
id rather
sit back and chill
find a new approach
till i can feel
got to 3rd base
so i ran home
dreams do come true
staring out my window
im gonna make it
one day
yeah its not about the fame
rappers nowadays
always say what they wanna say
so ima find a new way
to get a point across
through the music
slow and soft
yeah i may not write
about fights
drugs or dope
but i was inspired
to grab a mic
and spit what was on my mind
theres a silver lining
i just gotta find it
and let my head carry me
till im six feet deep
and not breathing
yea hits seeming
to bruise easier now
take a bow
and feel the storm coming
somethings got to give
tips lifes gonna get you in the shins
overcome your sins
write about your pain
dont mistake
depression as gain
and live insane
cause thats my intent
just to vent
to those who will listen
or those who deal with it
too its gotta be true
when life gives you the blues
and your down turn around
find a person
whos on the ground
help them while they are down
and smile
it will all go away
the sway of your past
will set into place
it only last a little while
forget the reasons
you deal with
close your eyes and hear the music
we will get through this
Right now
Just Smile :)

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