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Got that case of Nickelodeon that's warpin' my mind
Like a WILD AND CRAZY KID, ain't no (DOUBLE) DARE I'll decline
I'm calmin' ADHD as I spit out these lines
Drenchin' fools with these lyrics that are thicker than (GREEN) SLIME
You say I'm nuts that I've got the (NICKELODEON) GUTS to brag
like I'm racin' up the summit of that AGGRO CRAG.
Try'na challenge my game, like them SILVER SNAKES do?
Better quit or else I'll sick them TEMPLE GUARDS on you.
I'm all wound up like EUREEKA'S CASTLE
I'm a (MR.) WIZARD of style, gonna spit and bedazzle
You better THINK FAST, cause I'mma break the ice
And you'll get left behind in this (ROCKO'S) MODERN LIFE
It's FINDERS KEEPERS for these bars and I ain't sharin'
If you think you can take me, step up, I'm DOUBLE DARIN'
My rhymes are locked and loaded, beats (THE BEETS) are KILLIN' like TOFU
There ain't no one to save you -- your defeat is overdue
I've got that -- Nickelodeon, I'm taking you back
I'm blastin' to the past before that channel was wack
Spittin' sounds that are wild -- you remember the time?
I'm a kid all over, droppin' beats and rhymes
This syndrome's got me burnin' and my rappin's turnin' mean
I'm a REAL MONSTER spittin' ill lyrics like a fiend
You're a RUGRAT in hidin' cause I made that mark
Too scared to come out -- ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?
You thinkin' that you're ALL THAT, but you ain't for real
Take a ROUNDHOUSE to your face, spinnin' out like a PINWHEEL
Don't complain, 'cause I'll (CLARISSA) EXPLAIN IT ALL, no doubt
And then I'm gonna leave you sittin' there to FIGURE IT OUT
You think that I'm an ANGRY BEAVER 'cause I got that rappin fever?
Are you're calling me a fake or a simple-minded dreamer?
NO, SIR, I DON'T LIKE IT, my rappin's not a toy
'cause I'mma always keep 'em movin' to that HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY

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