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What's good Rappad?
i Never passed math,
Imma bigg fool, too cool for school
but i had class
I'm the new kid on the block
Gunnin from the bottom to the top of the charts like NASDAQ
No team backpack, just a lean rap cat from the bottom of the rap map
No hashtagg, yeahhhh
Imma young music student fluent in the language of love
I don't hold my toungue, ya might hold ya breath like a pain in the lung
I'm too dumb to flunk
i'm too drunk to slump
I'm too tall to dunk
say whaaaaaat? haha, exactly.....
when i curse verses VOODOO,
A new hurt emerges OOoo OOoo,
i kinda like the pain WHO KNEW?
Insane in the membrane KOO KOO
Imma lyracist
if ya hearin this
Keep a little bit love in your heart when you reminisce
keep a little bit of lemon lip balm when i'm finna spit
Adding bars after bars after bars like arithmetic
i don't kick it with bitches,
won't stick with snitches,
try my family, i'll end your existence!!!!
So be cool man,
imma fool man,
a fun lovin fella from the new lands
An umbrellas never wetter then a pool man
And ya better believe, that whenever i speak,
Shit Gets Deep
But Let me switch it up to another subject
Most these raps, wack like numb sex
chillin at the gym, tryna flex ya pecs,
but ya lyrics can't get not one rep.
yall cool down,
it's my rules now,
no running by the pool when schools out.
just kiddin, go live it
grab a model and a bottle i'm wit it.
i'm out like a trout,
like tiddies i bounce
In the house on the couch no gimmick
i'm bound to rise,
I;m down for mine,
my cash is finely creased.
i'm out my mind,
im bout my rhymes,
but that's my time,

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