Simple Mind of Eddie

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MC Pancho/Eddie Cal
Coming out the dark!
Hey yo..
Here's a little something that I wrote.
(Verse 1)
Obviously I'm unknown
But you better understand imma go gold
Only got one shot
Only got one spot
Where's the line to sell my soul?
An audience is an obvious concern
Do you hear me or should I turn up my tone?
Better yet, I'll let you in on my zone
Don't have gold yet, but I'll do it on my own.
I got my own method
Just help me project it
I'll give you a section
More than they expected
A dashing witted peasant
The election already selected
Destined to be the poetic
Just give me a second
I still need a lesson
Speak to the reverend
He'll tell you in reference
I'm a direct connection to all that is heaven.
Respect for the Rest
In Peace they lay
To no dismay
Didn't mean to leave a stain.
I hope they prayed
Otherwise the dead will be bargaining for trade.
You better be ready to answer a death wish
Cuz I'm aiming down my sights and I do not miss.
The answers are questionable, but they do progress.
Understand my sanity is limited to my language.
And your chances of living, range from holy to satanist.
But clearly your solution will have no comfort cuz we all walk around
Fucking brainless.
(Verse 2)
Let's face it
We got no way to escape it.
Just accept that your mind is brain dead.
And maybe the hatred will go back to the basement.
That's it though, I don't have much left to be painted.
Just remember that words are sacred
Whether or not you embrace the elated.
That's it
That's it
That's it
My mind is wasted.
I'm feening to get naked.
So if you feeling tasty
I'll be waiting with some latex.
Eddie Cal/MC Pancho
That's it
That's all I got for you man, get the fuck outta here.

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