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coming round so profound lemme give this root canal
let me lay down bitches, in ditches and flip it upside down
turn it round, take a frown, spin it so i’m smiling now
change my aggression and stressing, gotta teach a lesson now
cuz i’ve been less than honest, and i’ve been blessed and godless
I make a stance do a dance that I never promised
yeah, I been acting like the worlds against me
but truth be told its only that i’m looking for envy
you can’t really force people to like you,
or start a tough beef with nobody beside you
i write these lyrics so that maybe they’ll guide you
is it real gangster shit? No you just got lied to
but no one really think that i’m a G
so why the fuck am I even trying to be
because I wanna be as hard as the rest,
and get my name written in the book with the best
but who the fuck do I think I am
i’m looking for attention like on my free cams
I wanna be sick just as soon as I can
but practice makes perfect, gotta stick to the plan
I wanna pass when I’m put to the test
I feel the passion in my heart in my chest
I need to prove to everyone i’m the best
cuz acknowledgement of knowledge is something I request
but maybe i’m wrong and maybe I suck
But in reality man, I really don’t give a fuck
cuz if i pour my heart out and persevere
then maybe it’ll matter to someone that i'm here
yeah, there are things worse than getting dissed
i'm getting ignored and its making pissed
how in the fuck you not address me
what do I need somebody else to molest me?
how in the world do you deny this gift
"shut the fuck up, you’re just a rapping white kid"
and inside, i know its the truth
that on the outside I only look like a goof
like what rapper uses goof in a sentence
its lazy and crazy and baby I got a death wish
in my rap career I really mean
Im wishin I was gnarly A la charlie sheen
don’t wanna make stacks and rep the green
don’t wanna make songs that mention my peen
don’t wanna walk around just saggin my jeans
I only want somebody to dawn me the king
and i know that its a little fucking foolish
I realize that my image really aint ghoulish
but I gotta put on this big mirage
because i’m scared that i’ll only look like a fraud
That's Posturing

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