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Mirages in my reality// Illusions of my mentality// Demons flyin surroundin' me// I'm runnin but they keep chasin me//
Mirages in my vision aka false reality// or is it the rude truth, destroying dreams casually?// we livin so corrupt, we livin bold
tenfold// sex, money, & drugs, on our hearts like a stethoscope//
I'm livin in a dimension where children sexin at age 12// families destroyed by heavy drugs and alcohol spells// dark secrets we
keepin leavin locked up in cells// afraid to let em go, but the soul
is quick to tell//
Nobody seekin the truth in this ruthless plane we all demonstrate//
everything that we see to be society's puzzle piece// murder trapped
in our minds mankind has a disease//
But we claimin we artists by rappin bout killin and drugs// then
complainin about the youth and future that's yet to come// but
where did this corruption and judgement trickle down from?//
we quick to point fingers, but changes never come//
whats the outcome? and how come// we cant meet up in the middle
like Malcolm?// I know! Cuz lies glow, but all that glimmers is not gold//
when we feelin low, we get high// when the high flies by we crave more// let the cycle begin around it goes// lose track of our lives call
for the light bright lighten up my life tonight!//
No sacrifice, no victory// no place for the weak in this industry// I couldnt care less about a trophy// as long as you hear what's in my
heart, thats a victory!//
Let me, further explain okay?// its a win for me to be in sync with yo
memory// cuz these 16's come from the King now they runnin through ya mind like a track fiend// Stay blessed.

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