Peace or Preemption

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two thoughts run parallel in a line
catching light in a glint with a shimmering eye
sharp as a _____ known to make a surface divide
doubtless your lips are in a pout about this, a queer on the mic
reroute your veins to outlets, sanguine from the outset
revolutionary agit-propaganda from the mountains we shout it,
gathering humans, to do what needs doing; we found it
power returned to the people & grounded, the rich are in ruin
police bullets build caskets for poor, black and brown kids
economy is depression level, if the bottom is counted.
those without the government cards implanted cultural clone chip
history's a lesson, of fist clenching / truth told, and ass-whipped
anarchist martyrs at Haymarket in may, for an eight-hour day
black power leaders in prisons for decades
on what crooked detectives say, our freedom on their credit card charges
a hundred and fifty percent a day.
austerity's throat closing grip don't give a shit about what YOU have to say
yall are EZ-bake, i'm a pit-roasted whole hog
dancing in moonlit circles, 'round a fire howling with clothes off
so keep your name-tag-during-the-day, part-time rap game from
the hard-banging the change, anti-capitalist minded
freedom is where you find it, in the hands' of those who took it away
your insults would only make the crooked-y sway, i throw
the whole book at a line of blue swine, til they turn curly tail
and hoof it away
Was it you who said that
the weak ones were gay?
I've been working since i was nine years old,
you're still teat-latched on, teething and crying away
hollerin' "faggot" like "dada" only two syllable word you learned to say
so original i found the mold-maker and broke his nose and the molds
put every politician in their rightfully earned prisoner clothes,
we anarchists hack a path, thru straight rappers sad
and embarassing lack of manhood, compensating in gun size
what your missing in your underclothes. I'm striking like a thunderbolt
writing til we done revolt, chaos is our math in the madness
and we undermine whats dividing folks, so keep your childish jokes
i got a mile a minute mindset,
leave you blinded on the side of the road,
til you know your homophobic remark is an appointment card
for my fist and your jaw that was recently broke

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