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You know I do #this, /
Spit it so #fluent, /
White rapper with flow yep not #human. /
They swear that I played with a ouija board, /
Fuck around and sorta summoned a #mutant. /
Step like the doorman, get ready for torment, /
What's that for? Just fair warning. /
I do this often, well every morning, /
Wake up grab coffee then start recording. /
Headphones on then I start exploring, /
Every single option like what to morph in? /
Start to transform into something scorching, /
Grandma getting mad, rules start enforcing. /
Smoke detector keeps going off, /
What the fucks been goin on? /
Nothing's inside the oven and the stoves turned off?! /
When I get mad I start overreacting, /
Pull out my pen and pad an shots will be blasted. /
My thoughts can't be jammed so get ready for action, /
Every time I reload it is always in active! /
Talk shit on Twitter respect you've been lacking, /
the girl that you love finds me sexually attractive. /
you talk how you're lonely and need her so bad, /
you really think she gonnna #follow #you #back? /
DM'n ignorant shit, #why? expecting a reaction, /
all in your feelings thinking " I can't believe this happened" /
You honestly think material things are gon' make you happy? /
That car is nice but your heart is still broken... #exactly. /
Took some time off had to make improvements, /
People asking where i've been had to make excuses. /
Had to dig real deep, but I found the blueprints, /
Now everything is gon' be exclusive. /
I don't give a fuck what other people's doing, /
This is #my movie don't talk through it. /
Bitch mad that I won't listen to her, /
If it's not about my future your thoughts are #usless. /
Self motivated with a lot to prove, /
I'm in the booth recording while you're hitting snooze. /
I ain't been asleep, third time this week. /
I won't stop till every song hits a million views. /
Take any beat an beat it black and blue, /
The type of crime you wouldn't want to look in to, /
It's a #horror #flick with #gruesome #pics, /
Looking at my hands like "damn what the #fuck'd #I #do!?" /
Lowkey i remember, but I blame amnesia,
I will not surrendor, I was born a contendor.
I can work on my own, I will not beg for features.
I'll tell you right now I got a short fuse temper.
Last thing you want is for me to go home,
And to tell Aaron man hit record I am #pissed #off!
I don't have a lot, but I give all I got,
If my siblings is hungry i'll feed them and #starve!

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