Collateral Damage

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(Eyo. 8 2 0)
I've taken shots at everybody from the bottom to the top,
I came and dropped into the game and now I've got this place on lock
I can't be stopped, can't be toppled, man I'm solid like a rock,
You may think your shit is hot but I can promise that it's not.
I'll get your blood on this pen, I'll get your blood on this paper,
Man I'mma cut you bitches up because I'm fucking with Razor.
See bitch, you know you're in danger when I let loose with my anger,
I ain't got time to be aiming, I'll deal with bystanders later,
Fuck collateral damage, my disses spray automatic,
I see your t shirt is red, I'll stain your jacket to match it.
Hand me the gas and them matches, I'll make you vanish like magic
Abracadabra, poof, turned his ass into ashes.
I'm chopping rappers in half with lyrical axes and hatchets,
It's pascal rascal mother fucker, yeah we back in them asses.
There ain't no method to our madness, this perfection it just happens,
Anybody else who spit this track would probably trash it,
It's tragic ain't it, the way that my brain has acclimated to diss you first and ask questions later,
But fuck it, no sense in changing:
If it ain't broke then don't fix it, if it ain't dope then don't listen,
But you ain't in no position to claim to be a musician.
See I'mma fuck up your image, you fucking critics’ll get it,
I only entered this cypher because I’m in it to win it,
You fucking cynics who think that I’m just a Slim Shady gimmick
Can lick the hair on my nuts and suck my dick while I’m pissing.

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