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im sicker than cancer patient
madness witness my damnation
shrooms got me feeling like claymation
infestaion, of your headphones
theyve been blown, only thing wriiten in stone
is your name on a tombstone, this cypher mine!
im taking it, im stating it, not fakin it.
my mind im bakin it
my mind, my world, i shit on ever last one of you
need tokes? come through, got the shit thats as sticky as glue
lemme just talk to you quick, give you the run down
no ones safe and sound, im the bull in china town
open up your ears and listen
i have the peices to the puzzle
i just cant seem to fit em toghther
no sweater weather, pure storm
no hope whatsoever,
everyline i put toghther is clever
murder i learned from the best, dexter
im going the distance, are you on my level?
ill knock you faggots the fuck out, i dont wrestle
feel me? can you see, i shit ryhmes like a dispenseray
the ghost of me is a conspiracsy, the throne is ,my seat
kiss my feet this beat is my beat, never off beat, yall been beat
damn i was just getting started

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