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Boo! Here Comes the boogeyman
come to fuck shit up once again
but im not taking names no
im going down a dark road
cant see to my toes
you know how it goes
ill just go ahead and tell you
that nothing is better
standing in the rain
im getting wetter
hit you in the throat with this
hear the kids scream
im having a wet dream
nothing is what it seems
time to lean
in the opposite direction
happy thoughts
are bargained off
low prices shit i coughed
and let the beat drop
time to unlock
my basement
but first
i have to hit this cunt
for back talking
then hit this blunt
ah that felt good
back to reap vengence
on those who misunderstood
the reason i was
in this game in the first place
its just to sharpen my
fuck with me and ill show pleasure
i fill this games entirety
and not just to be fly
you see
its to leave a hole in the sky
and leave
then come back in peace
crazy as it seems
im not gonna let up till i know
that this snow
will stop falling
and of course
its an obstacle course
to be famous
but im aimless
with contagious
rhymes and passion thats blind
come and find me
hide and seek
peek a boo i see you
fine by me if you wanna lie and bleed
ceep beep your alarms goin off
am i in your closet?
ill never be a great one
but ill try my best
to elimate the tests with this (razor)
fuck this beat
look at me
am i fucking pretty?
400 slices from a razor
and i still bring flavor
king of nightmares
ill put you in a wheelchair
and roll you down 40 flights of stairs
why you scared?
cat got your tounge?
doubt it i killed him with that
and fed him to your dog
had you jumping over logs to find him
im done with beng nice kids
im showing you whos real at flow
i blow the game out the water
then set it on fire
thought you had your girl
but i caught her shes with me
then vanished in the fog bye bye
but first i need to grab my x3

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