Cali Life

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I was born on the east coast with that west coast love, call me Tupac rest in peace above.
It’s all about the Cali life, C A L I till I D I E, why, cause were to fly, ridin high with the top down, smokin pounds, drinkin crown cause were…To legit to quit this high life shit as I light up the spliff and get lifted, twisted, admit it I’m addicted but can’t kick it, gifted, artistic, commited to cloud nine havin a good time, floutin up, floutin down, hit the ground smoking pound by pound as I look around at the eclipse while takin bong rips till my lungs split.
Im so high I can’t see outta my left eye but I can still see those thighs the perfect size, about to die, revived by the wax, relapse then collapse, perhaps this is my last rap so I grab a fat sack outta my back pack and pack my bowl, time to let this place go.
As I roll down the 405 headed to the show in my cruiser, the bruiser, 300 horsepower gonna loose ya, induce ya with my future but don’t wanta confuse ya so listen to the words I speak as I creep the streets crackin the concrete with my beats so sit back in your seats, it’s time for a lesson in countin your bleesins, messin with the bestess, never restin always flexin
H I G H L I F E, It’s the mutha fuckin anthem so throw your damn hands up, rollin grams up, scandalous, can’t handle us, puff puff pass the cannabis to the left hand side as we glide in the sky so so high, surprise it’s our demise but we’ll rise again, ridin in sin until the end!

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