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K to the Zee
Going hard on a beat again
Get down on your knee, repent
To the lord high lord of these lands,verse one, throwing rhymes turnining spit into acid rain
Psycho swag they call me deranged
Weirdo, half-wit, but never ashamed
Space time recreation demolition of my mind
Too hard to understand? let me explain
Immigrant, i'm an alien
Blurry vision, subterranean
This whole thing is brought to you by the ultimate arabian
Conquering and pulling ground, bonapart napoleon
Yeah, 20 years old, i'm just a softmore
Who the fuck can blame me for wanting much more
By my own, I don't need a fucking mentor, so long
Independant all the way into my core
And i'm crazy, i'm loco
I'm repping morocco
OZT not solo
I get it, I kill it, I rock it like bono
Unleash my inferno,
I go through haters like an african rhino
Sorry I drifted away from the subject
Happens to me all the time I disconnect
Introvert mentally away
unknown got no price to pay
Yeah I know, I know, you still don't get it but its bright as day
I'll show you the way
Name's Kanivaz and i'm heading west
Call me Kanyevaz but nevertheless
I'm new in this, I'm making a mess
Did you get this, no stress, yeah god bless.
God bless y'all.

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