Razorx on Razor Shit

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Razor x on razor shit,
Ill place a bet ill win this shit,
Its no contest ill even raise my chips,
Slay them day by day,
Dare I say I may be like shade, or wayne, jay, but still not drake,
I dont hold aks, I hold grenades so if the fist fights on, you already dead,
Bout to put a bullet hole up in yo head,
Never fuck with razor got the tazer,
Crazy when hes mad hes razed,
Pacing like a maniac,
Gun expert, explain a gat, what its serving for its purpose,
Spill a curse, ill always put the dealing first,
I also plan ahead so I rent a hearse,
Put you in that bitch then return it,
I tell my boss and I get triple what I paid for in earnings,
Oh yeah,
All these hoes crazy,
Not once did they play me,
Never did they try and I know theyll never lie,
What ill do is horrifying if they ever testify,
Against me,
riding through the neighborhood strolling in a bentley,
When the cyphers all finished ill be receiving 50,
My bitches standing in the back, just looking pretty,
Got the whole rappad on my palm,
Everybody gonna pick me just admit it and I'm gone,

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