Meet my Penis

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My dicks wide enough to balance an entire lunch tray
its strong enough to clear all of the wreckage on a run way
my shlongs longer then the line at grocerie store on a sunday
im the type to wipe the cum up off of the floor after my gun spray
i call my dick the gun show because it can bench more then me
my penis rights haiku poems that i can read when im lonely
monamie my homie is always hangin below me
my only priest registered to Mary in holy matrimonie
My dick is certified in CPR got a certificate and all
It draws giant posters that i always stick up on wall
Hes a good citizen and always trys to get involved
Hes a Fucking cannon and below him are my cannon balls
my dick could run for president and win by a landslide
If my dick was in the NFL it would own a franchise
By dick brings a mansion to little ass campsite
long enough to penetrate the stratosphere and stab a sattelite
oh my oh my oh my gosh
dick be riding dirty need to give that shit a wash
dick spit electric like it be gettin watts
and it catch a charge like be running from the cops
they tell my dick to freeze but he can't cause he too hot
old school dick jammin to the juke box
dick talk jibberish hip hibbedy hooplah
Im really bad rappin but my dick can write a few bars
meet my penis he says hi
he stay spittin till the semen runs dry
samura katana in your eye
my nuts in your mouth if you don't comply
I got the gurthiest shaft you ever seen in your life
paying mad bills i broke the spleen in your wife
aha ha aha
im better than the person that be telling stupid lies
im making jokes about my dick deserve award winning prize
as im recording this i find you got a boring living life
yall making ya selves sound big when you just forming easy lines
Yall forming easy lines that i could do in my sleep
ya style kmart cause its boring and cheap
Stop saying you spit heat got me snoring asleep
whole song about my dick and i aint finished puberty
get your bars up

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