flow sucks!

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i cant grasp the fact your flow sucks. got dogs on the prowl and they're ready to roll up
got bars like confetti, they're ready to blow up. but they aint got the guap or the fetti to show up
god damn!! are you really that broke though?,
hit a show, instead you spend it on the coco
fit a pose when she finna take a photo
click clack boom! take another for the promo..
ill put your mother in a choke hold/ dumb bitch struggled but she really didn't like that
i weather the beat, wether the beat is wetter
and i step up in the room like bernie screaming where the mic @
you wanna fight back? don't fuck with it g
like and std
i got the recipe b, for you to rest in piece and if you smoke like me you better fetch my trees
wait.. lets go eat with my cocky friends
i think outside the box, they try to box me in
they just want another style so they can copy trends
mouth breathers taking all the fucking oxygen..
lost in a dream while they fall from the clouds.
live by da C.R.E.A.M. while they hollow it out
this aint a game, imma swallow my doubts
i just gotta gram, you gunna follow me now?..
from the lake 2 the bake in no time
and i aint gunna wait for a cosign
in the garden of life i might grow thyme,
until the damn day that i am dead it is go time

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