Lets Get it

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Rex coming back with the pen and the pad
finna leave the beat dead in the lab
you wanna dance get lead with the jab
take a stance i write punchlines like its lead in my hands
in other words every bars heavy
ya need to sit down i dont think yall are ready
coming for the crown somebody better give it up
explode like a geyser cuz some of yall dont spit enough
uh i aint fighting with you
my pen and yours never liken the two
nobody cares if you writing the truth
im choppin it up like a knife in the booth
human anatomy never could handle me
make you a casualty if your attacking me
the king of the game bringing the flame
if ya leaving ya lane thats the easiest thing
you can do to become a fatality
i spit this with the quickness cause im quick with
my quick wit no christmas but im gifted
and im lifted like a weight is yall gone hate this
what im makin is greatness you cant take it
cuz your basic and im gracing the pages
i am the final boss but you cant make it to any of my stages
dont need a gun cuz rap is a weapon
yo whole city couldnt step to have of my section
thats just pathetic we aint nun to mess with
a fun flow from the 810 i never took a l but you can take one tho

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