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Legit's Notes

I really didn't understand to flow to this beat, but I tried. Here's the results.
Please Leave Feedback it really helps me get better

Yeah My greatest fear in this world would be catastrophic failure
I'm afraid to make it in the rap game, then drown like a sailor
Rapper's saying the road will eat me alive, afraid they'll be right
I'm afraid I'll release a bad track, and I will no longer be called tight
I got it I just have to not release any tracks
They take to long, No body got time for that
No rapper ever has said that in a rhyme
Well I am one so neither will I
I'm also scared about being alone,
I've heard that rap game is a lonely road
heard the rap life is full of fake friends
Trying to take advantage of your money
rap ruined relationships from all the honey's
I don't want none of that, it ruins the fun in rap
rap used to be a fun thing to do to pass time
Now i think that just something stuck in the past times
Now it's just a bunch of dumb words with fast lines(X2)
(After Second Hook)
I was dedicated to god, now the only thing I like is rappad
and cod
I said I would never stop believing in him, now I think that statment is
kinda odd
God it's nothing against you I still believe
You allow kids to die , and mother's to grieve
I would understand if you still was alive
But you not, I guess I'll see you when my heart stop
I'm talking when I'm dead
Because we all die , even old people
atleast they get a deathbed
Going to have a pretty nurse, give me the best head
call that death head
(After Third Hook)
I don't got a six pack, but I'm defintley in shape because I didn't skip
gym class
I'm no genius, but i graduated because i didn't skip class
Defintley wasn't the most in shape guy
My skin so white, I looked like a ghost in tape
Get it because I'm able to be touched
Get it because I'm able to be touched

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