Cypher #1

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I wake up every morning to see this chick right by my side, wait
But I wake up one morning to find out she snuck out last night, and
And I guess I shouldn't have broken up with her,
But that was my mistake, but I know I will take her
Back if she will give me the chance then I will take her hand, then I'll
If she wants to break up then that's her decision
She doesn't know that my intention is that, I wanna be with her
She knows that my goal is to head line the stages
and to be the greatest, to get my name up in all of the papers
And spit in the hater faces on a daily basis,
And I wanna see you again, but not with them other men
I want you to hug me but not them, don't ever touch them again
Cause, your my girl and that's that, and I'm always here and that's fact
And you may be on some bullshit but don't give me that crap

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