Cypher Try

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Hi, My names Jake,
And I just wanna let you know that I'm here to take
Your wife away,
Its a terror that I got up on the mic today,
Why ? you might ask
Coz your bitch is gonna have my music on blast
So don't be surprised if she's a bit detached
Coz she heard my lyrics and then she latched
On to my dick
Man she couldn't help herself
My lyrics are magic she is under my spell
You know where she's been when her breath has that smell
I was sent here to make your life living hell
Wow, She really is something
she's on her knees tryin to use her nose to poke my belly button
If you know what I mean
She does a really good job at keeping it clean
like I ain't fucking messing
She swallowed my dick like it was her profession
Then alternated from fast to slow
then she took my money so she really is a pro

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