Beat Challenge No Challenge

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i kill a beat eat rappers deceased meat i bring feats of heats
a problematic uranium addict frigid with pens i always tend to intend indent ya dental so back up faggots like you i hack up im mad stuff no Mack tho im a mad hoe battle like rattle ya mantle. foes? dismantle those
im a animal a cannibal with infinite complexity i reckon yee will never step to me im excellent in everything excel completely but its always easy better so you wanna be me in a minute i be killin everything (everything?)
you'll never me see be the demon who is eaten venom in my veins
hit by a train at birth refurbished as something unearthed
sending blades straight through ya chest core this a chestborad
hear the word is verb summing mad skills ta get mad kills
now follow my rhythm envision rippin spittin ophidism i bring no restriction im in a different partition i bring repetition demolishin to the opposition i got limitless ammunition spit it when im fittin im adapt i attack
in a black van sprayin bullets with my energy.. im evidently
a powerful being i got skill that people would kill for im ill 4 a minute im going in rhyme time is my time and i might just get a knife cause im
slicing n deicing vocals and i cut the hoes bro no point in a home phone im never home better than i ever been so back or get slapped up
cause there is no match up man im a differential with the pens n pencils my mental is so potential any enemy will definitely be severed see
my cleverness is evident i never would a guessed at this bliss in the abyss amidst my fit wit you shit dicks will never hit this get the gist im cocky like yeah cant knock me never gonna stop me i stack bodies no rap hobby need a op top see(autopsy) im a Nazi killin people and im evil stomp a begeal then i reap hoe i mean so when the beat low hear my deep throat(eww) like now now poppin like were dynamite in the dead of
night reaching every height beat challenge i might just fight pens were
rhyme hens 10x jots hot from my dome can i call this place home (no)
this is where it ends and the songs gone forever never better than a little limerick but im still cold as winter gets this challenge wasnt that hard
for those with mad bars not me i got a mad heart chillin at the mart
that's when i got my start 78 raps behind my belt but im still nothing special i do this everyday but nothing has changed exccept for a few follows on soundcloud at 16 now wow kinda feeling like bow wow irrelevant
in everything ever said ferocious aint dope go grab ya coat
bloke folk don't like boast i couldn't get a following unless the pope was there ta hope

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