Now you're Dead (Cypher)

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M-40's Notes

Had to try something different from my usual aggressive flows and go with something a little more chill with an aggressive side, cause of the cypher beat.
All in all, I was happy with the result, gun shot were a major part of this song in my opinion.

Here I come on yo block
Better run, pant pant pant
When you see me on yo block
If not you'll end up like Tupac
In a ditch and fucking- ugh
In a ditch and fucking, SHOT!
Don't you know who ya fucking wit
Nigga I'm a fucking myth
Hilfiga, don't ya understand
Nigga I'm the fucking man
Please consida what I am
A grave digga, a death unplanned
Pull the trigga, your dead man
Pull the trigga, and
Oh, look now your dead
Pow, the floors covered in red
Pussy nigga full of lead
Go to bed
Please baby go to bed
Listen to what I said
You're laying on your block
On the chalk, chalk
And fucking SHOT!
Nigga shoulda fucking run
From the Taliban, Mexican
The one with the AK gun
Having a lot of fucking fun
The nigga with the bomb
Yeah like I'm from Islam,
Boom and now your fucking gone
Goodbye, son

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