WUMBO = Cypher Beat Challenge

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alright then lets talk about the dreams that i have
i want it so smokey you cant breath in my pad
shit gotta be straight from the plant into my stash
snatch all the leaves off the branch and turn it to wax
and since you asked
i wanna pull any bitch just to smash
everyday fill my trash half full of just ash
an everlasting bash do the stats and the math
the police dispatched
claimin my neighbors harassed
simple fact
capacitys maxed a few over the cap
they fighting over spots to lay down and crash
i wake up, your girl ass naked runnin a bath
she grownin attatched
im just one of a kind
my mind
was grown in a lab
plus she likes the way that i rap
i dream to be the greatest
its as simple as that
if you followed me here from the past
imma fill your pockets with stacks
im the bomb yall be stuck in the blast
aint a nice guy, so i aint finishing last
just nice rhymes backed up with the facts
stay sniffin white lines hit me up for a sack
fuck jane, she just a hoe on a cam
not here to pick scabs, just had to throw in a jab
might have relapsed but my dreams are intact
i dream of a full plate, but all im eatin is scraps
so i attack tracks sit back and take a drag
i never slack i just stray from the path
one day ill cut steaks with the knives in my back
different state everyday different stage to collapse
new to the game so they think i use hacks
i just adapt and never relax
this lifes a snap, one hit its gone in a flash
but before all that i be here to get cash
just gotta travel with wolves when you leading the pack

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