41 bars of no swearing- freestyle

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So I guess you want me to me pleasant like Marry Poppins
No severing limbs and chopping off body parts dropping
Them off of a fairy crossing the Hudson
I bet its no cursing because you aint a thugs son
But one of a Pastor churching you on manners
well I'm still going bananners like Bananas in Pajamas
You got no Jam plus cant jam us up on those phoney rhymes you hand us
Understand us? No, neither no I drinking co-co in cabanas
While I got a Carrabin coconut to stroke my, WHAT in Havana
Am I doing wasting rhymes spewing these weak mutinies
Mutants who refusing to go mute so you can swallow my puke
A nuke is what I feel like right now, but unable to cut lose
So whats the use of having to chose weather you abuse
The rules and cuss your brains out in this insane bout
But I know you aint ever got brains from a dame another mans pain his spouse
Right in his own house, (squeak squeak), what was that? oh, Mickey Mouse
Im sickly Clouse I run out in your grandmothers blouse
Cover in delousing powder burning you out while I got you strapped to the couch
All your mother can say is ouch while I bend her over her spouse
Wondering what to do and where to go next
You know text but I bet I can out flow you with Tech
9 milometer Berrett wrecking you chest up to your neck
Slaughter your set I ='d say Ill rape you but your probably the same age as my daughter
Hot water is what I've treaded in my whole life thank God I'm a golfer
The course is my paper and the club is my pen
You better toughen up if you wanna battle a thug in the Pen
I'm a bull with a full sack while you pull at empty drawers Sammy Koufax
Will make you go back to the batters cage with salami baloney
In layman's terms your the cattle turned to a stromboni
Come here my little crony rap juggernaut , NOT, you a phoney
A lonely cat who only has only that, a cat, to keep him from foaming
At the mouth roaming looking for something he can be blowing
What I'm knowing is it's not the Mic glowing it someone named Mike growing
Right in your hand I hand you this and I did it grand
Grand slam your dam grandma like a dam ham sandwich
Or was it Spinach and Spam I'm from Grenache a state of wasted
these rhymes are a grace i placed it on a plait for you so don't waste it
Hesitate get wrapped up in raps like I'm the plastic man this is rap stasis
like I sent you to Heaven encased encase you don't make it
I'm the raciest who hates this white race the most so lets race this
Wait scratch that and erase this I'm the lyrical mace sprayed in your face taste this

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