My Lottery (Recorded)

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I was just dumped by my girl and jumped by the world
Nearly done with this bullshit let my slumping unfurl
A homeless man with no clear mappin’
A #domeless plan without any sort of #action
It’s nothing but a drone that’s standing here rappin’
I’m not even here, out there groaning and nappin’
The other day I was just out there walking the street
Then there’s this dude who started gawking at me
I told him to screw off for my autonomy
He just blew off like how I used to go off the beat
Then said my finance brain needs a lobotomy
Soon told me to gain my needs in this lottery
Ain’t got cash to enter told him to hold off a bit
So for a month midnight I’d always go off the streets
Better sit tight as I go around to commit robbery
Creating a pottery farm through a lotta bodily harm
Enter this lottery to buy all of the garments,
Since then I’ll move to an apartment
When I’m signing my agreement, doubt crashes my mind
Did I find myself leavin my true self behind
Then I said fuck it, find a bucket and kick it,
Bought all the available lottery tickets
The remaining cash bills? Fucking ripped it
Took some Adville and downed some liquid
Now time to rid my brain of Shirley Jackson
Surely after this money there’ll be girly action
My career won’t #tire out with this early #traction
Oh my ex? Can’t wait for her reaction
A month goes by without a grunt or sigh
I won the price that day under ten hundred eyes
You stare at me and give me a funny eye?
I’m be as rich money-wise as Trump be white
What do I say to somebody I hate
And also somebody who brings trouble my way
I got enough cash to double your pay
But still won’t do it as I scuffle your grave
Is it the muscles I weighed that rustled your day
Or is it the fuck ups you made to get stuck in this place
From now on I bought whatever that made me happy
Anywhere from a motor boat to some skittle candy
The little family I had quickly ran me
Back inside the house screaming you’re the man B
I somehow got out, feeling a bit ranty
So I went to purchase my right to a speech
Paid twice the cash didn’t like to be cheap
I might have been leeched but I still did another
Left me for my brother gave him what he couldn’t cover
Say knowledge is power, I say money is strength
I hear a plenty of geniuses gruntin’ on rent
A year or so this carousel of life became boredom
Day after day parallel now I lost my fortune
Depressed as fuck my happiness regressed and clucked
I wanted to start restin’ up but this debt is just
Too much as it crept and stuffed my brain
Cuffed my sprained ankles together driving me insane
Find my money lighting it in flames
My cuts already inflamed burned like hell
My guts churned like wells as I learned to spell
The letters D-E-A-T-H
So in the end when I jumped in the fire I’ll be safe

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