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[Part 1]
Some people told me that i'm crazy bitch please
what do you have with killing people? It's just me
Im gonna stuck my knife in your stomach then turn it left and right plus
your shoulders got open really wide cause i cut it like flash and dash
Dont be so shy its just some wine that comes out like a blood and it
spread like a sperm
Not just that, i will cut your arms and legs with my axe and eat some
things and stole some fucking rings and be like criminal
plus i will break your jaw and eat your cheeck like its kfc wings you
son of a bitch with your father now call the police you harassed me
first you snitch
Dont hide your real face cause i know your fucking base
The truth is you tryna be happy
Dear Rayne
I think you are just mentally crazy
I hope you was just lazy and killed those girls just accidentally
It was rainy on that time
I couldn't see clearly and You disappear quickly
Your phone is off
I though you're deadly despressed
Hope you don't commit suicide because of these stress
I'm not a bully
I'm just a murder
I'm not so lazy like most people
[Part 2]
Being not lazy is not easy cause it's driving me crazy and my brain
will get damaged by these image that poppes up when i'm tryna happy
My hope will given up and my problems will never go by killing more people
Rapist and racists are everywhere even alcoholic anti social bitches
I understand the other anti social but not alcoholic with muscles those useless motherfuckers
Im not afraid of prison but most are
Your balls will be crushed and your penis get raped and trapped and
fucked by some cops in your age
So think before you do something wrong and don't tell me to fuck off
cause i will chop your dick off and you will cry and die you little sucker
Dear Bestfriend
I'm alive Why did you wrote this now?
It's about 6 months till you notify me and you didn't even begged me
to answer
Well i'm gonna put you in cigarette gas until you get cancer and imma
be dancer on a damn club you punk
So please pal don't write to me back cause i know you don't care
[Chorus 2x]

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