If I Won The Lottery

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Yo, To Start This Off I'm Taking In All The Apologies, Cause Honestly, I Feel They Offered Me To Win A Lottery//
Uh, It's Gotta' Be Something To Catch My Irises Eyeing The Item While Idlin', Entitled To Idol It//
Buying More Briefs - Boxers, Tees, Whiter Tops And Sneaks, House In C.A, Becoming A DJ Out In Venice Beach//
Grimace Menacing, Spending Limits Infinitively, Women Into Me, Spending Energy On More Than Killing Sprees//
Dollars Not Releasing Out My Pockets, While I'm Eating, Trying Out-Of-Cost Cuisines With Every Sound Pronounced In English//
Now That's A Contradiction, But Amongst The Puns And Pigeons, With A Vision Fond Of Funds - I'd Buy Beats For My Songs And Lyrics//
Admission To A Studio, Or Home And Build One In It, In It Microphones, Equipment, Equipped With Some Engineering//
Pay The Engineer In Near It To Teach Me To Engineer It, Till I'm Mixing Lyrics, Spitting Superior Than An Engine Near It//
*Turntable Scratch*, Buy Me A Turntable Set, So When I Turntable Records, Tables Turn, Tables Set//
If I Turn Record Labels, They Will Turn, They Will Set, Till I Turn Records They Will Take A Turn Taking Breaths//
Taking Burns, Taking The Health And The Wealth That You Earned, What You Learned, I'd Buy Me A Couple Urns Taking Death//
Do It All, I'd Shoot The Ball In My Room And Call Who I Knew Before I Knew The Lottery Withdrew My Fall//
Like 'Come Up' Cause You Knew I'd Come Up Sooner Than The Commas Way Back When I'd Come To School Uncommon Cause I Wasn't Cool//
Buy Me A New View, Help Out Dudes With Dues, And Pray I Can Stay With The Woman Whose My Muse And Cruise//
Split Cash With Her, Create A Future And A Past Get Married And Dance With Her, Introduce Her To Fam, Friends//
And All Of That, Swear We Not Falling Nor Falling Back, I'd Spend All Of The Lottery Money Just To Call Her Again//
And If I Follow That, I'd Dress For Success, Sort Of, I'd Rather Buy Me A Suit To Impress The Next HEADquarters//
Than A TAIL For HEAD, Never Had Cash At My Ex Quarters, Ironic Cause She A Dime Over Half Of These Ex-Quarters//
Realest In Dude, Reeled Into Realistic View, If They Ain't Accepting My Entry - Your Mill Miss It Too//
Your Meal Skip, Have Your Meal Ticket Skill Ripped From You, Million Heel Kicks Kick You Through The Ceiling And The Roof//
Corner Back To The Lottery, How Would I Spend My Lifestyle? I'd Finally Know How To Make Real Decisions In Life Now//
And I Wouldn't Spend Money To Be Joyous, Truly, If You Groupies Gorgeous, I Would Truthfully Ignore It//
As You Orbit, Ginormous Fortunes, My Eyes Deny Affording These - Porsches, Appliances, Trying To Avoid These Fees//
Yes, I'm Cheap, So, A Unique Flow, On A Beat That Be Worth More Than A Lottery Week, Broke//
And For The Cream, I Ain't A Sharing The Pot, They Just Mad Cause I'd Split Like A Share In The Pot//
But If I Win Cause I Spit Like My Share Is The Pot, Then That's A Metaphor For How I Spit A Sharing A Pot//
Now That's Some Sharing, Do You Think I Said Sharing A Lot? Cause I'm Sharing How I'd Buy You Out Of Sharing A Pot//
When I Ain't Caring, This Lottery Topic Isn't Residual, Take Em' Out Of Groups They Support Me As Individuals........

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