The Lotto by: Viper

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I'd win Lottery, reshape my life like making pottery/
I brag with mockery, I'd escape the poverty/
You're kissing up to me with the mad props/
But secretly you just wanna taste of the jack pot/
Money's the key to life, I found my padlock/
I'm riding down the right path, that's a catwalk/
You'd dead man to me with your mummy wraps/
I'd buy out Sutherland's druggie stash/
While you're in the dope house and rusty shacks/
I'd driving down the streets of Vegas with the money bags/
I guess you can say I'm idol of every gangster/
I'd be so rich I'd buy out every bank, sir/
Oh, look, the beat changed, it's a sweet change/
I'd carry all my racks around in a briefcase/
This one opportunity could really change stuff/
I'd be so rich I'd never ever go bankrupt/

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