The Lottery Problem

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If I won the lottery,
I could do a lot of things
First of all I wouldn’t let the government keep robbing me
They wanna take a lot of my allotment just for profit
like they stole my wallet off of me and tried to give it sodomy
Reversing that psychology,
with all of that guap I could probably
give that monopoly a lobotomy
and lock 'em into poverty
and opt for every dollar of my property
to pocket that's a part of their economy
Kick 'em with my soccer cleats (which costed me a lot of green)
for their taxonomy of taxes on to me
Why the animosity? it's the mediocrity
of marketplace prospering just 'cause you won the lottery
The baker must be running low 'cause dough is a commodity
Forget about the policies I got my own autonomy
But I won the lottery
The government is watching me
So the money's all for me and
for the first time chronologically,
Quality = Quantity
For once in my life
Quality = Quantity
Wait a sec, come to think of it again
the Feds won't let me spend to the extent that I intend
They'll need recompense for every cent they say belongs to them
and the year I win, they'll treat me like I'm in the one percent
They'll be cracking up, laughing when asking for cash back and
act like I actually fit a higher tax bracket
When factually, I just took a trip to the convenience store
bought a piece of paper and became inconvenienced more
What about those student loans that I cannot afford?
What they offered before, they won't give me anymore
‘cause technically my tuition’s being mailed to my front door
Never knew that being rich runs the risk of being poor
Let bygones be bygones, what ever I buy is gone
or never bought with the money siphoned that I won
My advice is buy a nice mattress you can cry on
or donate it to charity and use it as a tax write off
but who am I to talk?
that’s a lotto problems
off to Canada

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