Lottery Fears (Cypher Version)

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[Verse 1]
No way I'd win a lottery, but if I did, I'd be screaming
I'd look around me and see all my dawgs turn into demons
I wouldn't even notice the change, all that ain't important
The only thing important is me getting decked in Ralph Lauren
Temptation haunted me the longest, now there ain't no trouble
Any hood friends is nonexistent like my teenage stubble
I'd care less about these cats who so badly wanna be crooked
A mob say they'd hurt me, like my dashboard, I know they wouldn't
I yell at the angry mob that none of them treated me right
The door succeededly flies and I was beated, despised
I cried and pleaded, but found that nobody stopping this
I yell at them that I'll kill em all and as a consequence:
They saying if I don't give the money right here, I'm dying
It's in the drawer besides me I babbling while crying
All of them run to the drawer, I run after lying
In my dash, I hear the click-clack and bullets is flying
[Verse 2]
If what I would do if I won the lottery is the topic
I'd run away, I'd lift off, turn into Tré the rocket
I'm saying these dawgs are dogs, dawg, that's I'm just being honest
These dawgs crooked and toxic and I swear I'm just being modest
Man, I don't wanna win the lottery where I'm at
I'm just a poor black teen who try'da rap, all my lines bad
I've seen the homies at the park where my rhymes spat
Murderapolis streets, that's where the crime at
Ever since I got a scholarship, friends had evious minds
Ever since I got them straight A's, friends had envied this mind
If I got rich, I'd hear them Glock bullets, like seventeen fly
It don't ease my fears knowing more people than I've ever seen died
If I won the lottery, y'all would see me die and bleed
Ever since I went to private school, they been eying me
Ever since I rapped poetry, they hated my rhyming scheme
The person everyone wanna be is who I'm tryna be

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