When I Win the Lottery

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When I win the lottery,
I'll be walkin' with sovereignty
on a dock of mahogany
Because poverty gnawed at me
and no novelties bought for me.
made me conscious of modesty
and so the quality brought to me
was through the prospect of honesty
and not the property bought for me.
I'd walk the walk 'cause talk is cheap.
Where I got, it was not for free.
and I'd still jot all these thoughts in me
Always rock, never stop or cease.
till I drop and then rot in peace.
These crops are a lot to reap
when you talk like a prodigy.
When I win the lotto fo' real,
I'll be coppin' a feel from a model in heels.
In my automobile.
I'm on the block like a shield.
The Aristotle of steel, a god of appeal.
holdin' onto the bottle of Moscato and wheel.
Goin' full throttle, surreal,
I've been gone since I peeled,
Until I dock it in the lawn till it squeals.
Get out, wobble, then keel.

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