4 The Cypher (Lottery)

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Legit's Notes

I was trying to land on the beat everytime, It's hard. This beat at the end was annoying me so I recorded the last part again

What Would I do If I won the lottery
Yeah That's a good question
What would I do if i won the lottery
My first Cypher On Rappad Wish me Luck
Here's what I would do if I won the lottery
I'm a be honest I would Probably spend // a lot of it on myself
buy a bugatti Veyron, and keep // a shot of it on my shelf
turn the top of my house into a gaming area, rather than // an attic
Then devote a house to rap , just like // an addict
But instead of // a crack house, It'll be called // the rap house
Have a part for EDM, I'm a hire // deadmau5
have a pull out coach for all of my friends, call it a // bed couch
Then I'm a higher Eminem , as my // main mentor
He can help me rap my pain, he's a great // ventor
I'm his biggest fan, I'm even using his // song
He's the reason I love rap, he's the reason I rap // long
have an amusement park in my backyard to help with // my stress
Higher the greatest doctor in the world, to help me // cry less
I said less because no matter what you do pain // still waits
Give The rest of the money away to charity, I'm a pull a // Bill Gates

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