El Dorado

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(Verse 1)
How can I ride happily
When cancer touches my family
Even hurts when I’m a g
That’s eighty G for oncology
Smart enough no scholarship
Gon help with my fathers shit
Working hard like the college kid
But still ain’t on no homage list
I think about this when will it end
Am I just living my life until when
My father will pass life will be taxed
Then I will never be able to rent
Check on my friends what will they think
Working at night for the minimum wage
Check out my brain it is venom enraged
While I yell in my mind take a break some day
Tired of working hard all night
Let me test my luck alright
Get a lotto card tonight
But I really shouldn't right?
Still need the last star
I should really just give up
But let me test my luck
Let me let me test my luck
(Chorus x2)
Ay oh
We just won the lotto
This is that play dough
We in El Dorado
(Verse 2)
First things first give enough dollar bills to help my dad
I really hope it works surgery that is so lets try that
Hunnid dollars bills I can't even tell you what I feel
I'll spend em all on you my dad just get out of that battlefield
Thank you my mom and my pop
Please don't think that I have forgot
Take a break Imma pay debts right off
Go and live ya life for god
Now I get to treat myself
Go out buy that bling bling
Diamonds rings golden things
What a hand I have been dealt
(Chorus x2)
Ay oh
We just won the lotto
This is that play dough
We in El Dorado
(Verse 3)
I'll buy a nice house so i can chill and just kick it back
Not to big not to small that is how I want my pad
Custom auto body
For that black on black r8 audi
Spare cash this lavish life
Imma surely us it right
Go to Mexico with amigos
Live it up with different people
Have a blast away from the past
I be chill with all of that
Got loads and loads of extra funds
College here I come
College here I come
That will be a lotta fun

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