Earn Your Keep

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If I won the lottery it might as well be like winning first place in this cypher
Which shouldn't be too hard considering all you other rappers dont write rhymes that need to be deciphered
Instead, your rhymes are plain and simple and straight to the point
While my rhymes are so hot they'll be rolling their own joints
But that does sound cheesy so let me take it easy on you before shit gets greasy
Like that movie Grease with John Travolta
Who was later hit by a bolt of
lightning, greased lightning that is which is a reference to a song in the movie you'd had understood given you hadnt
suppressed great talent and ripped your head out with your sharpened talons, knock on wood
But oh wait I think I just called you a bird of prey
Which doesn't make sense because if you pray cus you're prey then does that mean that today is your lucky day
Think about it. That was a fun pun guess I can take the bullets out of this gun
So no more suicide just do or die
But back to topic, I'd use all the money
To donate to charity, why?
I'll give you some clarity
As a kid I was abused and accused of heinous crimes
So I was set to live in an insane asy-
Lum so dumb because I was never truly crazy
I was just the way He made me, unruly and lazy
Now I stand here before you God cus I am also the reverse of the word dog, that's god
So understand that my powers are just as equal
Though to you I'm another sequel
I swear the way you love me ain't the way I love believin'
That you're the one to raise the sun but still you summon demons
And that's the way its us that you just keep deceiving even
though I love you still without a doubt or any reason
Not to love the way you loved me all my life in spite
Of all the hate I've caused and yet I hope my futures bright
Cus I want to do you right so tonight I'll get to my knees and pray
You bless me with just one more day
I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't need money or the lottery
Because, other than myself, theres no other rapper that could slaughter me
And the lottery's a hand out which I wouldn't ever take
Because I'm not just some other dumb founded charity case
I was taught to earn your keep and not to sleep
Because this real life is all a dream
I've earned the key to this rap game we play everyday
In every way, but I'll wrap it up as I'm coming to an end
Hope that when I make it you will be a friend
So you could get a portion of the cut
Thank god I threw caution to the wind and learned to listen to my gut
Because if I feared to win then I dared to lose
But I'm fuckin with the best you fuckin with a slut

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