From Me to Me

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Sitting down with a pen and pad
Leaning back with grin in the lab
I’ll take you places you can’t get to in cab
Boat train or plane please let me explain
Dear Cody you don’t know me this my introduction
Wish we could have discussion on the topics on touching
But I gotta rush it to help you out on your course
Around this you’re crushing on Danielle don’t force
Any feelings it won’t matter plus your parents gotta divorce
No need to be embarrassed you should cherish your innocence
Kids are fucking out of ignorance and giving birth incidents
Before they even know their worth and how hard an infant is
Quit hold grudges, learning to roll with the punches
And savor every moment you spent with homies on lunches
Cause after graduations Dylan’s leaving
Your staying home saving on loans scroll through your phone
And they’re out of town
But it don’t matter your starting another chapter
And this ain’t one of those phases you’re filling up all these pages
And spilling out all these phrases everyday you’re getting better
You never played varsity but today you’ll get your letter man
That bitch is gonna break your heart
You should build a Noah’s Ark cause you’ll be raining for forty days
That trick is really just an Alice who’s living in wonderland
Don’t bring her into the palace
That friend is gonna be your samwise there to pick you up
Whenever you think the plan died
And here soon you’ll find your Cinderella and tell her
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for
You’re dream is like a house of cards
Sitting on top of a cloud that’s what they tell you right now
See just to sick to your vow and fuck when they raise they brow
Don’t wonder why when or how just focus right on your plough
Don’t ever throw in your towel, you quit too many times
You’ve spit too many rhymes man that’s all that’s on your mind
You ain’t pulling a Kanye but you get dropped from your major
Cause you rather write verses than papers and hit the stages
Than presentations you hesitated drop that fucking mixtape
Don’t let your fear dictate, not mention that shit got a hundred fifty downloads
Not even double cardboard man you know hard for a wanna be super star
Oh by the way you graduated man no need to stress it
No need to pick up for those fake friends they leave message
And it won’t happen by the time you want it just accept it
You got another thousand times that you will get rejected
You’re only sixteen you don’t need to figure it out
On the first scene you don’t know what movies about
You need to listen closer pray more and shut your mouth
You wanna be Shark don’t compare yourself to the trout
There’s a lot more going on than what you see in the pond
What you see will be gone before long it changes
Friends turn to strangers when you start turning pages
Just know you going places and there’s no need to be anxious
PS cut out the BS and get to work
You’re only paid for your worth
You wanna be a desk clerk
Or dropping you best verse in that penthouse suite
The taste of regret is bitter and you don’t want that to eat man

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