One Mic

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Our deepest fear is not that we are low and so inadequate
But maybe we could live a life we want that's so elaborate
This is my business and know that everything is branded
A job'll never work, DNA helix that's half stranded
At the end of the day is the beginning of a new one
All the old is discarded, Everything I got is new on
Live my life for what its worth don't ever take nothing for granted
Like the carpet you don't miss until they tiling up the granite
I'm good, I'm set, I'm straight, I don't need no penicillin
Capped cancer, writin all this sickness down, my pen is illin
Wonder how I reach these heights without a great dane doobie
All these unintended snacks, would you look how Scooby do me
Crazy I think, brain thoughts they say be on some lunacy
In my mind I take flight, now I be higher than what the lunar see
These niggas have the audacity to cap my new day
Heavenly body, plenty space, capacity blu ray
I'm Oklahoma born bred raised and fed
Don't learn with cowards, study power instead
Mr. Jones taught me that learned tact from a Nas flow
Be red lining all my limits what you think this nos fo
Please untwist the nozzle, have a drink at my show
I be king across the checkerboard just waitin for my go
Started as a rookie, grew, now I'm a pro at this
Mind is old, skin is new, didn't even use Proactiv
I'm from loud city the lightning strike right before the thunder
I'm electrifying, you static, just something y'all stay under
I'm as big as what I think in a time where thinking is mi-nu-scule
Don't teach me what but how to think, a plus, minus school
Master ya feelings or you will neva grow
You a bitch to yo emotions, you emotional ho
I understand the world plan vacations in an atlas
But I understand the world, hold it up like name was Atlas
Images I chase, elusive illusions illustrious
No others in the pic so in the frame I guess it must be us
I came in single handed in a game where they play double dutch
I gas, brake, dip push my luck but neva press my clutch
Kryptonite is like rust to the man of steel
Well I'm a man of will preempted plan to kill
Pizza Hut and UPS, how could I not deliver
Droppin toxins often, this fluid too much for ya liver
Don't need a way to sell it, if I can make you buy it
All these lines is laced, I'm banking that you try it
That's a bet, in any sticky situation
About face, ready for any tricky thing I'm facing
All these tricks, fightin illusionists and mages
A flick of wrist,and all these fools get mopped by sages
Only read the gist, you just too cool to turn the pages
Of the magazines you tighten fist then fall to loaded gauges
These engages similar to cages
Skip like Bayless to Payless for lowered wages
Money on a pedestal, dolla bills on stages
But just because you pay less don't mean they spray less only option
stay blessed
Life celeste, and realize everything is a test
If you don't flourish with ya brothers you can die with the rest
Under duress is when desperate niggas give into the stress
Satan whispers explicitly take these shots with no vest
God be talking to me so I know I'm heaven sent
Demonic shit is foul, got a nose for heavens scent
You may be moving bricks but you ain't even building shit
Stacking up my skyscrapers I be on my building shit
Bring the energy of inner g’s
For inner men with timid pens
The goal’s to make it out, but until then I get in again
Round of applause from a different kind of audience
When they see you doing different, ego mumbles do not applaud these
Started at the top and then downgraded our royalty
Quickly darted from our spot, since then been fucking up royally
Presence in the future so in my present use my gifts
And my riches multiplied by the people I help uplift
Snakes up in your grass gotta slice em up on sight
Let not one reptile trespass, matured, now dragons takin flight
You don’t want that in ya life
We bang a different type of fight
Master shredder cutting tracks
They cadence cuts like butter knives
I don’t discern with plain Janes, be tryna plane thangs
Top flight, takin off, can never fly with plain lames
I’m under understanding and over overlords
Opinions of minions can never shatter spoken swords
They got all these ooos and ahhs inscribed by jewels and cars
Never realizing that this world is truly run by jews and stars
Same Jews, modern day, now they treated like the Gentiles
Lord freed us from bondage, now he the one who been exiled
I never give opinions or just hop in the gossip
Learned to profit from a prophet, standing tall is the topic
Purge myself of all the poison and distill all the toxic
All I did was elevate my mind and now I'm somewhere tropic
I want what new brings, new things, whole enchilada
Still hungry, finished my chips on to carne asada
Quiz anyone who says they hold you up like a Pillar
Cause people will talk, like parakeets off the miller
Jury sittin with a lean, don’t expect a straight trial
That niggas gone deny, the others in denial
Don’t take my meekness for weakness
The weakest get bleakness
This thesis is speechless
My neatness is streakless
Complete this completeness
Dream steepest not sleepless
My lyrics ferocious and same time Facetious
And all of that all underlines my uniqueness
But I'm just a mic, only y’all can go speak this

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