Remember Me?

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Chorus 2x
Remember me, I know you wanting to
Forgetting me, I know you started to
Remember me, I know its haunting you
Forgetting me, now it's so hard to do
Sittin reminiscing about the days gone by
wondering where I'd be if I hadn't change my life
Like, why you do some of the things you did
Square peg round hole there's no way you fit
Bit more than you could chew swallowing hurts
Destroyed your hearing and speech was slurred
Blurred vision no clue where you headed no gps
Clean your bedroom how did you live like this
Swish, playing ball until three in the morning
Crossover, dropping jumpers there no warning
According to everyone theres no stature
There's no way your rap career will capture
Perhaps there's the reason why you never proceeded
You never really tried however you always conceded
Repeated the same process over no change
Must have been afraid of being upstaged no shame
Chorus 2x
Rearrange some things mostly your thinking
Eyes wide shut cuz you're afraid of blinking
Sinking into shame that's like quicksand man
There's no reason to call the hitman Stan
Banned for life there's no recapturing youth
Struggling everyday there's no mastering truth
Recovering proof that you truly do need me
We're in this together might as well franchise me
Surprise me and the world bring me out in public
This is the longest I've ever been your subject
You must get teary eyed and emotional
Thinking about the days when you dysfunctional
Unintentional contentions that threaten you status
But your staring, peering through the lense of sadness
You had this in hand but your grip slipped slightly
I'm glad we had this talk you've never been so lively

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