To: Myself...and All Rappers Und...

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Too many MC's not enough Mics
Dudes in the industry lock it up tight
Don't bring your friends, that's not enough hype
I said, too many MC's not enough Mics
You thought you're >Mack-Daddy and doper
than posers and average >rap composers
who's famished and lacks expo>sure”
planned to get cash faster than brokers
or trap >holders, never get stuck
in the trap with the crack >smokers
or whack jokers, you wanna write
>hits like an exorcist and banish ghosts for
a living, but in school of hard knocks, never listened
>- your tracks choked you were flat broke,
your plan was >hopeless,
no fans showed, you had no shows,
you >had no focus...
While the best in a Cypher in the Park, word sharpening
You tried to wax some fire tracks, like the candle burns marking it
but you ain't get it sparking, you like an absurd arsonist
Them CD's were freebies, your light turned to darkness
fishing for compliments, we used to call it curb sharking it
tried to canvas but ended up reverse tarping it
congratulations on being the first concerned narcissist
But if you find your first kickstarter is disheartening
Do your charlatan-ass a favor and learn marketing
first off...think about who you're targeting
and then remember...we already got
Too many MC's not enough Mics
burn em like bugs but not enough lights
so they put the pressure on to get hot enough lights
So any MC surviving be rhyming up tight
Now the hits that you writ got you all that you wish for
and your fist got a blister from submissions on Twitter
and you're swimming in women, you get your pick of the litter
Dressed in so much glitter, makes you twitch when you with her
but she diss you with bitch fits, make you want to hit her
and you don't care that you're married, but if you split you're sinner
and that fire you spit don't keep you warm in the winter
so you shiver and you want to throw yourself in the river
but you're witty and grittey, no you were never a quitter
but them unkept promises are making you bitter
so instead you just give in to the liquor
fitter – happier – more productive
Radioheads get whore seductive
committing to a path where you're instructed
so live for the present or you'll get fucked with
Too many MC's not enough mics
zoos in a frenzy, gotta stop fights
dudes is pretending, cannot bluff right
Too many MC's not enough (HehaHa)
too many enemies, not enough likes
Too many Henessies, not enough Sprite
Too many embassies, not enough rights
Too many fantasies, not enough lifes
Too many trustees, not enough strikes
Too many symphonies, not enough pipes
too many friends to see, not enough white...
too many chains of steel, not enough bikes

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