[Cypher] What is coming

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Trusc's Notes

My entrance to the cypher, discussing my childhood and the destruction of youth.

Also first (public) recording. Feedback appreciated.

Between you and me, nothing will ever be free.
They won't burn down your house just your archaic arcade machine.
They say it's for you an me, that they're setting you free.
And that you better be clean, then you'd never be beat.
Well if that's how it would be, I should be next to get my release.
Cos I'd never been supping or stuffing or snuffing the weed.
I've been spreading my epic demo like an epidemic disease.
Slicking my arts and crafts and spitting bars with ease.
Not just to beat the beast but to be the beast.
And unleash the demon, and feed the demeanour
See I don't mean to be eager, to grow the ego.
But both you and me know.
//What is coming.
//A storm is coming Frank says
//A storm that will swallow the children
//And I will deliver them from the kingdom of pain
//I will deliver the children back the their doorsteps
//And send the monsters back to the underground
//I'll send them back to a place where no-one else can see them
//Except for me
But both you and me know, how this always goes, bad.
So where did you go, dad. A safe home I never, had.
It's just me, my pen and, pad.
So I was sitting while spitting and growing big and green: mad.
Attempting to fit in, lose weight, and
Grew to hate, man. Just skip it. Don't fake lad,
Or break dance, just break hands,
And make fans, got no patience,
For slackers, or cry fags.
See I'll buy bags, for the bodies and
Say "bye thanks" then shake their hands.
But slit their wrist if, they don't meet demands.
Lad you could improve your chances, and be the mantis.
To feast and feed on these that doubt us.
Now grow your powers, and prove your flow is now sick.
And can eat and beat these feeble doubters.
A storm (a storm) is coming they say,
I need more (need more) courage, be brave.
I'm like a horse (a horse) carriage, in pain.
Pulling my fore (my fore) fathers, in graves.
Now it's ingrained deep in the wood
You're told you better do what you should
Never do what you could.
Like a food stain, it's ruining the good,
You're taught to live and lie and die and breed
And eat your greens and make your peace
But you ought to fight and rise, feel pride and breathe.
So you're encaged, by those that lead.
So its time to break out, and fracking fly free.
Away from these, blatantly,
Fracking fake emcees with fake degrees.
And slay these cows and sheep
Who try to stake out, and rig the lottery.
Fuck luck, the buck stops here.
Chuck and drop handouts too, it's about work you hear?
And work and work and work until you go up a tier.
Till you taste it, because it's oh so near.
And you can smell their fear of those that leer,
And fell their tears till they tell their peers.
"Mate he's oh so harsh; he's insane"
"He'll slice your bow in half; deranged."
So go grab a lions heart, be brave.
Set up and get a head start, It's a new game.
It's a new age, for those that know true pain.
So you grow up slow and enraged.
You know you'll never be the same,
So why settle for sane?
When you're giving them strange.
//A storm is coming Frank says.
//A storm that will swallow the children
//But I won't let them
I'll take away their pain and restrain the plague
Who aim to break their brain, with a Tasered razor blade
Then try to place the blame behind a plain painting frame
And the pained painter lays, among stained window panes.
Like a famed ancient saint, who's sacred souls he saved.
From the inhuman who entertained in his domain then entered arcane.
With a fake façade, now pace and pass and play the assay.

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