Cypher - Nightmare

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But in dark times when we close our eyes
It’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare
When the sun don’t shine we lose our minds
It’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare
[Verse 1]
Passed in my mid eighties, lying in my deathbed
Crashed in my mid twenties, since then, I been breath less
Had a panic attack cause I went #astray down to hell
Had a tragic impact on life, and got me out to dwell
About my past, latch it to my back, around my health
Was never around my craft, I doubted my skill
Got me down a well, weeping cause I found my hell
Wanted the rap crown but never gathered my schemes
And shattered my dreams
Now, I'm writing this letter from Nihal to EnkayNick
I wanna say shoot for the stars and stay sick
Just 'cause you fell off, look at what you did
This life wasn't worth living and makes me wanna cut your head
Now, in the hospital, I'm regretting all my actions
Back then, I was a kid regretting all my passion
My soul died back then and my body will soon
My whole life was slashed out like a typhoon
[Verse 2]
Here I am, writing to my reckless past that I created
Wasted my precious knack for drugs that got me wasted
I hit writer's block? Nah, I blocked myself from writing
#Ran outta ideas 'cause I was #lazy and #whining
Drinkin' #Hennessy when I see my knees are weak with this disease
That prevented me from getting back on my feet but that's disbelief
I believe it now, I could've been a rapper but I disbelieved
Look at me now! This life could've been better with rap
But I never found ot that I was born in rap
I had 'em maps in my head and the art in my heart
I was harsh and walking on #marsh, #shall I end this career?
Had that question on my mind but now, I cant forgive
myself, I never made my opportunities to prove myself
My body's boiling with fumes in me, I can't approve myself
I betchu, man, God's helped me too
But, I never allowed him to get me through

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