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All my life I been worried bout the wrong things.
What people think of me?
They should do their own things.
What do they see in me?
Evidently what you didn't.
It's real talk I aint talking bout no words written.
Hey this is me I'm just proud ta say I'll never change..
No playing games always Bobby I'll remain the same.
Ain't in my range letting people like you change me..
It was for the better knowing what we'll never see.
I'll reach my peek when I climb up to the mountain top.
Like the Bible always say,
Go and never stop.
Haters already lost, just want me to lose.
Dodging media debaters don't want me to prove.
Cuz they all full of shit tryna hold u back.
I gotta life too YOU NIGGAS TAKE THAT, in consideration.
This once poor nigga.
Yeah I'll be saying that years from now, motivation.
But for now I aint worried bout no transportation.
The bus line a do fine umma sit up front.
Rosa Parks went to jail for our equal rights.
Let me return the favor and kiss boundaries goodnight.
Outta sight outta mind like you blinded.
Whatever you wanna seek you will find it.
Any ya' past accomplishments you'll outshine them.
Until the day I go to paradise, I'm grindin..
(Hook) Dear old me, I hope u get this letter.
And when you do.
Just say thanks.
Dear old me, I'm glad that you've moved on.
I hope I've inspired you.
Sincerely Anonymous..
(Spec.) I still don't even know why our immigration, was such a celebration, for you and I not to be together as one...

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