Cypher (past self Letter)

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Listen, Drops, you may feel its for nothing
You're on a learning curve, dreams mean to be something
So be the king with no bluffing hyperbole's end up busting
no rushing rising up craving for nothing trusting in something
you take quick assumption n function so sunken
its the realest disruption but this writers block is not up and cluttering
thoughts will leave you muttering nod if you grasp what im uttering
and that when you realize nothings the same along with time brings
change so aim ta flame the wit no tame in this take the risk spit
depict pictures of your rhyming equipment n commitment,
but let me state that you stray away but upon coming back
you realize this is where its at don't fall flat not just another rat
in the back of the pack bats clash relax don't just talk the smack
reword your raps take the scarps strap it in the gaps
perhaps even examine your craft make drafts that impact ta react
but interact don't just sit on your ass conjuring raps
im tipping the balance with pent up malice hacking at awe status
the echos of pondered thoughts stalk and if i cloud look in the future
i hope it wouldn't look like the past lye flying fast simple sutures n broken glass trying to get past the sadness the ass hats and the faggots
but must just rust so thus be us try not to fade to dust
so follow your destiny and leave the rest to me
phenomenal drops a letter from your history

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