The Habitant

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Lil white boy with no esteem, better than it seems
Got a dream of going on scene, shyness in the gene
Brightness had been seen and I promised a keen
Sadness had been feeled and I provided a scheme
Profiled a pro typed and slow timed type of brain
Writed high in vain but yo, I liked my replays
Even then was stained, sustained by the tempo thang
Rebel in the veins, attained by a Rambo feel
Feeled man of steel, with the quill but was brought to real
Wheeled lot of feels through the thrill but was off the tilt
Tryna acting G, but you see that alot was spilled
Wasnt in a ville, I was build on another hill
Hidden in the leaf, I'm still ridden by the grief
Present my degree if the president was me
Representing me, was an hesitant idea
And the habitant you see, is from a lil Qc county

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