Final Words

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I'm sending this letter from my death bed
It's the only thing here for your next steps
No one's gonna hear ya crying out for more help
Grab the food you can get from all the store shelves
Life is reckless don't you fall for any drugs
Mind is restless they keepin me on many drugs
Friends are helpless all they do is share like thoughts
Fiends are heartless but they'll teach you alike thoughts
The world is harsh we all travel in its marsh
Scenes leave you scard creepy creatures n its dark
May not be the best keep on blowing down the weeds
Don't be like the rest cuz they never found the creek
I'm feeling meek after not pursuing what I loved
I'm feeling weak now that everyone I followed's gone
I'm seeing three now the doc says I don't got to long
I'm seeing me now please listen to my lungs
Ain't like them stop snorting all that coke
Be who you are n stop drinking all that moet 
Do what you love and be proud to expose it
Cuz your life will pass by before you even know it
Go for the curvy blonde girl that's pretty n smart
Not the basic girl that's only pretty or smart
You can have it all please don't listen to them all
Minds can be a downfall if you don't stand tall
Everyones gotta go but you have so much to show
Study what you love there's so much to know
Bout the flow and the shows the gold will come slow
These are all the things that I think you should know
You only live once no excuse to pound back booze
Dying slowly still wishing I'm around that youth
Listen to the teachers and listen to the preachers
Showing you the right path for all the dreamers
Drove down the wrong path now I'm dreaming
I'm screaming in my mind why's it time to die
Drinking Hennessey crashed while touring Tennessee
Life is really short I'm only twenty three

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