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ayt young JP
you gone see
life is a gamble
life is a bike with no handle
life is a uphill battle
you gotta break out the pocket and scramble
you gotta run fast like a rocket but watch out for your ankle
every year a new candle
every year a new wrinkle
and if you forty and single
you probably horny and ready to mingle
ayt young JP
you gone see
a bunch of pimples
but before you know it
you gone be harry like a jungle
and for this music shit you gone have to hustle
haters gone be coming in a bundle
being all judgemental
thinking it will make u sentimental
but u not going to give a fuck as usual
u gone become a model individual
self made pedestal
story so great it seems mythical
story so great it gone be classified as a miracle
u still in the struggle
seeing all these obstacles
u finding yourself between the boozed up bottles
and the heroin needles
but when u leave the hood
u gone scream its all good
so right now live ur childhood
and tomorrow show that u can flow

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