Past and Future Collide

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So, I'm sending this from the future
Sending it to a condescending drug abuser
To a mind bending thug with a bad sense of humor
Grind and denting, leave plugs in you, yeah you got a tumor
Wait who, am I talking to?
Only man thug enough to be my crew
Pumping slugs, the overtrue the government
Shrugs, cause he was hellsent, while hellbent
Hope this shit helps, when you let off the shelf, all by yourself
Well,hell, lemme tell, ya how to sell, swell, excel without pumping shells at hotels
I got one hot, secret, to go to top spot and exceed it
Go crazy
Don't be hasty, when your vision hazy, just say fuck the Navy
Maybe, kill a lady, and her baby, fuck safety
Go on, drop bombs, beat bitches with a baton like a hell spawn
You'll get a lot of hate, my mate as you desecrate
While you reinstate, drop more grenades, and serenade niggas with spades
Insinuate that ya hate gays, and open the hell gates
Bait fakes, take their mistake and stake em with a blade
Go get paid, laid in yo trade
Say You're great, reinstate it, then play fuck drake
Watch as the world shakes, flakes, wakes plagues babes in a blaze
Don't control you anger, that shines like an ember
Just go, flow, throw and dismember, any hate sender
Put them in yo blender, yeah never surrender to a transgender
Keep dissing, pissing, twisting, stinging, contradicting, hitting, bitching ass, niggas
Hesitate to pull the trigga, lever, and sever a mans arm
Alarm, disarm, charm, and disregard, the unarmed, darn, starved, barn living, public
To what I say, play, spray, display, convey and portray and put it on replay
See me,
What I preach, teach, screech and say in my speech is important
I am, you too, from the past,
I know, first and last, exactly when and where to lay low, you hear?
Listen as my fans cheer, I am their dear,
You can be this mcee too, okay boo?
Don't look, blue or shook, this too, is what it took
Resist, reminisce, convince, pigs, you're a prince
Living, spitting, giving, emitting, printing and transmitting,
unforgiving, chilling, splitting, stripping, whipping, hard hitting, slitting, sittings
That leaves, the loud crowd, proud but
Contemplating, hating, submitting, comitting, yet them regretting, dreading, and wetting, beddings,
This is your setting, the one of a beast of a higher level, the devil
controversial, universal, infernal, internal and eternal so fuck a rehearsal
We don't, stop for cops watch em drop like rocks
When we pull out glocks, full of rocks of lead
Leave them dead, red, sucking cocks on the chalk
Your are me, see, Me and I only, everyone else must die
I know you agree, we're now free, I guarantee chaos
Pow, blow, kapow look at us now, bats, gats, and combat with grenades
Unafraid, the last Slick past, blasts,
Collides, confides, sides, rides, resides allied, nationwide alongside
Steamin, demon, the future Slick butcher
Together they kill, steal, do pills ,drug deals till the end
They legends, and now the earth will never stand still again.

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