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All right so I got put down cause I was just a kid
They tossed me in a jar and threw away the lid
Just because I was 12 they all called me a fool
But I never gave up that's my number 1 rule
I will never give up and fight till I die
I may be young but this ain't a lie
You can't touch me I'm going higher
All that I really desire
Is to make good raps and inspire
Now I living in a mansion used to live in a shire
I thank god everyday for my life
Without him I'd be cutting my self with a knife
My name is Rubster I may be young but I will never stop
Until I make it to thE flipping top
I think I'm blessed
I will never rest
12 years old but still 1 of the best
And I know that I won't quit
Until I am finished wit this yeah I'm killin it
People put me down but I kept on going
On the fast lane now and I'm never slowing
I had a lot of hate
When I was only 8
But apart from that my life has been great
People put me down, but I raised my head
I turned and looked to them then I said
I don't care what you fakers say
I will keep on rapping every day
So this my life but it's just begun
My name is Rubster and I am YOUNG

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