In This World

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[i can't get the soundcloud thing to work, so here's the link]
there's a lot of girls
in this world
but there's only one for me
and i'd do anything
just to see her smile
walk a million miles
and i only regret
that i ain't met her yet
young love, yeah, it's so transient
he say she the one but he abandon it
so i don't rush headfirst into this
but it ain't easy when i reminisce
and i think of the opportunities i had
and sometimes when i'm feeling so sad
it got me feeling lonely like cheese no macaroni
like pizza without any pepperoni
but these girls man sometimes acting so phony
talking these lies like a load of bologna
getting all tied up like a knot of nooses
but i realize i'm just making excuses
and though i'm in this game i'm lacking any game
light verses aflame but i can't get a dame
sparks disappear like they david blaine
girl lettuce be together like some romaine
i don't know if she's the one but she got me feeling dumb
when i'm in her presence i be thanking my blessings
butterflies in my stomach and my heart just plummet
but in a good way, it's not cause i'm sad
and i'm feeling so glad that i'd met you
cause you one of the very few
that ever could make me feel this way
we could meet halfway, but i'm not ready yet
i knew from the moment that we met
but i'm waiting for the perfect time
cause she a dime she so fine
i ain't deserving her beautiful shine
she deserves the greatest but i lack the braveness
not sure where to go i'm stuck in mazes
but baby girl just wait please don't sweat
i'm just not sure if you're the one yet
i'm sure they be asking me who she is
be guessing like they got a candidate
but it don't matter cause i'm not sure myself
girl i need your help cause you make my heart melt
but i don't know who you are at this moment
i don't know who you are but i want it
and i'm praying that i'll be sent an omen
the cold never bothered me but i'm frozen
frozen in time, i don't know what to do
but know that i'd do anything for you
i'll read through the list of things like bruno mars
give you the stars and fight a thousand wars
travel the shores and stop any force
ain't superhuman don't get it confused
i ain't gon do it if i'm being used
but with me we can see the vibrant hues
i been doing okay riding solo
but lately i been feeling so low
like i'm missing the other half of me
and i have faith that this was meant to be
maybe i've seen you before
walking around a mall store
or going around the boulevard
but girl you the upper echelon
and i haven't recognized your face
but i'm waiting for the time and the place
and i'm hoping that it'll be magical
there's no predicting mathematical
i just gotta wait and hope and pray
and wait and wait for the very day
that we meet it'll be so great
so i'm leaving it up to fate
this ain't about anyone particular
i'll be the driver with the passenger
driving the taxi cab call seven sevens
man this'll be a match made in heaven
you can hail me down but dont fail me now
and i'll trust you now but dont rush this now
and i wonder how this'll all turn out
but for now i think i'll cope without

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